Morgans at Llandow....

by The Squirrell 23. March 2012 14:42

Today I organised a day at Llandow Circuit for Dad and I

to have a play with the involvement of Henry Williams

and his friends and customers....

The green mean machine went well, and Dads only complaint as

a passenger was "Remember its got to drive home on these tyres!"


We had a great day of tootling around, and Morgan even loaned

us their (Pale blue) works race car...


It was lovely to have a day with Dad doing what we used to do

(Pre transplant, and albeit alot more seriously!) and have a day

doing "Blokey things with cars"!!


4 months old today!

by The Squirrell 8. March 2012 20:26

Samuel is 4 months old today!!


(Time flies!)


Give yourself a little Birthday Cheer Samuel !






(Oh you are!)






by The Squirrell 4. March 2012 23:54

I recently got a bee in my bonnett that I had never

seen the Arctic, or the Northern lights!


(Damn you David Attenborough and BBC1!!)  


And in "Typical Matt" style decided to knock one off the

Bucket List!!


I approached the beloved Jane, and expressed this desire...


She pointed out the 4 month old baby, reminded me of the

feeding and care requirments and (strangely!) was MILDLY adverse to

this idea...! However she is a REALIST and said....


"But I suppose you ARE going anyway....SO NOT MORE THAN 2 WEEKS!"


So....Off I went!!


Heart did wonders in the sub zero temps, and coped admirably with the treks

in the lower levels...Struggled abit in the PROPER snow and arctic Tundra, but

that's was down to my fitness and not the ticker! Had a fantastic time and saw

terrain that left even ME speechless!...



I wandered about in the lowlands, taking in the majesty and looking with awe at the    volcanic pools of boiling water gushing out the geysers and of course the giant mountains that loom over you like some prehistoric omnipident being, just keeping an eye on the fleeting ant like beings scampering about in the nano seconds if its lifetime?


Then the fun begins...How to get higher, see more, with less of the "ants" to hinder your embracement of the Arctic wonderland and its treasures? Well, hire a Tundra Bus with extra low pressure snow tyres for the main mountain climb and then a snowmobile for the inaccessable bits on the glacier seems the best?!!


This was duly done!!...To end my trip a dip in a geo-thermal heated pool, of warm water risen from the depths of the earth! It was TRULY un-natural to bath in 38 degree water, while your face is being beaten with a 60mph wind and a driving snow storm in minus 3 degrees?!








Smiley Sausage...

by The Squirrell 22. February 2012 18:46

Now and again you get a GREAT photo...


This captured the delight in Samuels face as Jane tickled him!


I hope never to loose the ability to find delight in the smallest

of things? 


Billy - Top evening out!...

by The Squirrell 20. February 2012 23:51

Jane and I had a RARE treat... A night out together 

WITHOUT baby Samuel! (bit of a wrench to begin with!)


I treated Jane to an evening with Billy Connolly...


He was very funny and a wonderful story teller. We laughed

and enjoyed each others company. Funny how life turns out....


Who'd have thought I'd have been bounding up steps to the

theater with my new heart, while our new baby was safe in the

care of my Mum and the girls?!



Weight battles...

by The Squirrell 27. January 2012 19:42

After a recent telling off at QEH I am BATTLING to

loose some weight...It is proving harder than I thought!


I have been trying everything and (dishearteningly) not

getting very far!



Any ideas?....


Happy Days!

by The Squirrell 10. January 2012 22:56

Brian just rang....


"Rejection free" !! I can breath again!!...


Slight problem with my blood tests, THEY GOT LOST!



(Presumably the new QEH labs are still settling in? SO

GP doing them so I can send samples up via carrier!)


Blood pressure and weight up, thats a concern, but I

have faith in QEH !!





by The Squirrell 8. January 2012 19:42

Back up to QEH tomorow for my 3 year



Hoping that Majid does my biopsy, as he is GOOD

and almost painless for the most part!!


Wish me luck followers!!


Found it...

by The Squirrell 5. January 2012 23:56

Found out what that scratching noise was under the bed!!






3 Years!!

by The Squirrell 2. January 2012 01:02

Today is my 3rd "Birthday"!!


It is the 3rd anniversary of my Heart transplant!


Today has been one of mixed emotions... I was having

a wonderful celebration lunch with my Jane, my parents

and the family, when my thoughts turned again to my

donors family, who's day was no doubt the opposite...


I will be eternally grateful to my donor for his generous

signing of his donor card, and of course to all the wonderful

staff at QEH who continue to support my journey...

Watch this space for 2012s journeys!!


About Matt.

My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

Read on to see how my new life is taking shape, and my adventures to date!....



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