REALLY Funny........

by The Squirrell 29. November 2009 15:02

REALLY Funny....

Some jokes a bit close to the bone, but a witty, and

observant comedian, with a rapier wit, and clever humour.

(Highly recomend seeing Jimmy Carr on stage!)

Top night out!



Day out......

by The Squirrell 27. November 2009 23:41

Thought this might be a fun day out?.....

Will keep you posted!......




by The Squirrell 27. November 2009 08:32

My friend Martins funeral today...

A sad day, but all went ok. I think if he'd seen it,

he'd have approved.... Lots of old friends and faces

all reminising about a respected, and highly regarded man.

Farewell old friend, going to miss you.......





Ongoing Enduro!.....

by The Squirrell 24. November 2009 00:10



Those following the tribulations of my "Enduro" build will be

heartened (pardon the pun!) to see the latest!!

The frame has been, RE-shot blasted (after my paint disaster!)

I have primed it, ready for painting! Am going to give primer 72hrs,

before paint!

Also (big thanks to Lewis for his hard work) the Engine has now been

cleaned, checked and labouriously polished!

Now the build up can begin?!.......



Good News....Bad news....

by The Squirrell 24. November 2009 00:09



For those of you following my ongoing "project" to

build an Enduro Bike, (See last Novembers entry!)

will empathise with todays unexpected events!


First the GOOD news! Having sourced my engine (You

can't go wrong with single cylinder Honda!)  John Crookes

(JC Motorcycles at yate! - Pardon the plug!) spent ages drilling

out a siezed engine mount bolt, (after finding that a combination of heat,

thin oil, numerous drill bits and VERY foul language was the key!) I

collected it, and let my friend Lewis begin the clean up operation!

(Watch this space!)


The chosen frame has been shot blasted and cleansed of all the old

paint and rust!  I (rather excitedly) collected it and came back to begin



Now thew BAD news!   I primed it, and all looked good....I gave it 3 coats



:-(    Back to the shot blaster again tomorow!!



A legend !.......

by The Squirrell 24. November 2009 00:05



As part of my ongoing Enduro Bike build, I have got a

running engine now! (Albeit not connected to anything!)

I needed to get the frame and engine to a shot blaster

to clean them up, now I know all is compatable, so I can

begin the build in ernest.

I needed to move said frame and engine though....

I struggle to lift REALLY heavy things (Like a motorbike

frame with an engine installed!) due to operation injuries

which still catch me out!....

Step up the LEGEND that is Emily Mitchell !.....I bet her

she could not get the whole lot in the back seat of my

(Trusted old workhorse!) Volvo.....

She and her friend Kirsty struggled, wrestled, got covered

in oil, bumped knuckles, (Broke nails?!!)





Genius or Madness?!........

by The Squirrell 23. November 2009 23:59

Firstly my thanks, and ever growing appreciation to my

darling Jane ! x

She NEVER utters the words....

"Christ! What hair brain idea now.....?!"


"I hate to say I told you so !..."

Or even

"Nope! You can take that back, to where you found it!...."

My latest flash of "genius" came from a (Valid and very sane!)

suggestion from Jane, along the lines of, "As winters drawing in, why don't

you get a "little project" to do?.....Inside?......Perhaps a model?...." So I

(In true Matt fashion!) lept on this, and (In true Matt fashion) began to

do my research and look at Airfix kits etc....Then realised, this was NOT

"True Matt fashion"!!.....


So scaled things up a bit, set the bar a bit higher, donned my thinking cap,

considered my (limited spacial options!) and financial status, and had

another flash of genius!....(Or madness??!)

I decided, I am going to build an Enduro Style Motorbike, and road register it!!

What could possibly go wrong??!.....     






by The Squirrell 19. November 2009 18:06

Thought I'd give my Jane a litle treat!....

Drove her up to Birmingham (Bullring) for dinner, and

to see Eddie Izzard "Stripped" show....

Was very dull, and not his normal standard!....Would

advise saving your money!


We left halfway through!




Sad day....

by The Squirrell 18. November 2009 23:03

Sad day yesterday...

I lost my old friend Martin Gould. We shared laughter

(And a few tears over the years!) I will miss him greatly,

espectially our lunch time "sneaky glass of wine" & a home

made sausage roll !

R.I.P my old mate....




I hate needles!!....

by The Squirrell 17. November 2009 17:28

My blood tests weren't great at QEH, so had to have

more taken at my GP and I'll have to send results to

QEH for them to review.....(CK levels a bit high?)

So muppett here decided to blood tests, H1N1 Flu jab,

and flu jab ALL AT THE SAME TIME!....


Dam I hate needles!!




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