by The Squirrell 30. October 2010 11:20

Dad and I, in a combined mistrust and dissapointment of our

banking "System" and "investments" have decided that money

in classic cars is the way forward! (At least you get to ENJOY your


We went to a "Classic and collectors Car" auction with an ecclectic

mix of old classics to relatively new, "cult following", and unusual cars!

(And by "cult following" I don't mean Scientology etc!)

We had gone to bid on a lovely Aston Martin DB2-4 that Dad fancied....

However, I made the school boy error of itching my arm, whilst holding

our bidding number!.....OOPS!!

"Sold to the man in the black coat".....

I am running out of space!!    ;-)




by The Squirrell 28. October 2010 13:23

As the colder weather sets in we light the log stoves

and hunker down for the cold weather here in the country!

As I was about to top up the log basket in the dining room,

I glanced down, just in time!......




Old Tramp?......

by The Squirrell 26. October 2010 14:34

I am begining to think tramps have the right idea.....

Tonight my friend Lewis came over, as he'd broken up

an old chest of drawers and needed to dispose of the wood.

(Our log storage was chocka full already, sadly.)

However, like a couple of old tramps, we dragged over my old

incinerator/brazier, and we had a good old burn up, ( & a tot of Brandy!)

The simple pleasure of an open fire, good company, a fresh cold night,

and the country side, made me even more grateful for my new heart!!




by The Squirrell 23. October 2010 10:09

After a trip to a castle, I dis-obyed the "NO photography"

rule, and captured, this old and rather grotesque boxed


I mourned for my fellow Squirrels, then laughed out loud

at the grusome lunacy of it!!

Are they boxers, or simply partaking in;

"The love that dare not speak its name" ?!




by The Squirrell 20. October 2010 13:51

After a relationship break up, my bad deppression, and

general darkness, Jane and I have come back together,

and decided to try to work through our problems!


I realised that if we can stay together for 4 years,

my near death, various big issues for Jane, and my

Heart transplant, we MUST have something strong,

and fairly unique?....


To mark 4 years together, we had a night away in

the Cotswolds, and a (cold!) visit to Sudeley Castle.

Went to Sudeley Castle (Still in private hands) for a tour

and wander around the gardens.

I'd highly recomend it as a day out. VERY historic with

connections to Henry 8th etc. (Katherine of Arogan is

buried there.)


A memorable and delightful day, and my heart even

tolerated, a childish roll down the slope in the ornamental












Devon 2!....

by The Squirrell 7. October 2010 08:50

It appears my "Devon" blog didn't update/go online

the 1st time?.....

If you missed it see the below entry, with appologies!

(I expect my "Monster Munch" fingers didn't hit the

right key to upload or something?!)




by The Squirrell 7. October 2010 08:21

went to Devon to try to catch the last of the sun before winter looms.



I caught up with my old friend (in laughter and mischeif) Adam !

(Adam pic 1)


Adam and I have been mates for years, and generally aren't allowed out

unsupervised (in the interests of public safety, and to preserve what little

civilisation is left in the UK!)


Adam,  had told me of another addition to the household, whom I met...

"Macey" is a 6 month old Jack Russell, and has all the energy and naughtyness

required to be allowed honourary membership to our escapades! She is a lovely

little character, and was entrusted by Viv' (Adams wife) to

"Keep them out of trouble...!"  - She was unsuccessful in this role!!  

(Macey pic 2)


We decided to take Burt (Adams father in law and keen fisherman- pic 4) fishing for the

day, as it was warmish, and sunny! He relished that idea and vowed to teach us to

fish, and look after us!  (Can you see it coming??!)


After 3 hours, Adam and I's floats were doing just that! With not

a fish in sight!.....Burt refused to take my bet as who'd catch something

first, and as he refused, caught a Garr fish! (Which was as slimy, smelly, and

toothy as it looked!) I was keen to return this horrid thing to whence it came

quickly! Bert was proud of the ONLY catch of the day..... Meanwhile Adam

and I were discussing his iPhone and how it would not "sync' " to his PC? A few

seconds later, his coat blew off the wall into the sea!  My comments about,

"Did you download the water proof app'?"

"Looks like it's SYNCing now okay?!"

"Have you got Handels water music from iTunes"

Did not meet an appreciative or particully amused audience!

(Viv was entirely right NOT to trust us unsupervised!!)  


After a while in the dog house with Macey, we decided land based

frolicks were now the order! And after a promise to Viv to behave,

we embarked on more mischief!


We wondered how dirty and wet you can get on the way to Totnes

for a sandwich?! We decided bridal paths, green lanes, and farm

tracks were the answer?!......But what mode of transport could we use

at short notice?!  (Sniggers).........We found one!   ("Typical Matt" style!)

(Note: Before and after pics!)


After explaining it was all the dogs idea, we decided to flee to the beach

for a long walk with the excited dog!......WOW! I adore our coastline, and

my wonderful new heart propelled me all along the beach, and back without

any strain, or problem! (The biggest issue was recapturing an excited Macey!!)


I am still STUNNED by my new fitness and vitality, and still catch myself with a tear in

my eye, as I bound along on my adventures, with my new heart and new enthusiasm!








About Matt.

My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

Read on to see how my new life is taking shape, and my adventures to date!....



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