Bath 2010...B.T.G.

by The Squirrell 21. August 2010 09:03

Today, I did as I promised Sharon at QEH, and

went to Bath to cheer on all the brave (and fit!) people

at the Bath - Transplant Games!


I spoke to Sue Anderson with the "Transplant Bus" who was

slavishly asking (sucessfully!) people to sign the donor register.

She was interested in my story, and emparted her story to!


I also met several other recipients, who were equally grateful for

the wonderful work at QEH, and for thier "Gift Of Life"!


It's a great event, on all this weekend, with a festival atmosphere

with smiles from winners (and runners up!).... If you are near, make

time for this wonderful event and cheer on the brave individuals!


(I paid my fee, and joined up, so watch this space for next year?!)










by The Squirrell 20. August 2010 10:29

Had a rare treat today!


Wrangled a tour of the Morgan Car factory!


Dad and I went up. The beloved Aston Martin had to come to

as she wanted to see her fellow British Cars being

made! (Although it was hard going coming back! I

was exhausted, and Dad fast asleep to my left didn't

help!) She was not designed for motorways, and roared

her disgust all the way home!


Where does one start with the Morgan tour however?!


1) They STILL make the frame/body from WOOD and aluminium!

(Just like in 1930!)

2) They still have thier stuffed owl (real, NOT plastic!) in the roof to

scare birds to stop them pooping on the cars!

3) They have modified thier runabout/golf cart to look like a Morgan!

4) In some models they still have wooden planks for the floor, KART spring

rear suspension, and a BEAM rear axle! (Most makers stopped this in about 1980!)

5) They still have and use the 100 year old WOODEN body moulds!

6) They do all thier trimming, spraying, testing, and manufacturing!


Half of me was amazed they could still be in business with such ancient

technology, and traditional skills!....BUT THEY ARE, and positively THRIVING!


My hat is off to them, they are the ONLY privately owned car maker in the UK,

and have been for a hundred years! Mr Morgans, great grandson runs it all still !



by The Squirrell 10. August 2010 12:48

I am VERY proud of my Mum!


She worked for hours on her entries for a local "Country Show".


Her artistic flair kicked in, and she doesn't let up until she

achieves her goal!...(Hmmmm, wonder where I get it from?!)



Really proud of her, and her wonderful achievement! GO MUM!!



by The Squirrell 9. August 2010 08:44

I lovingly, plucked my home grown carrots, and washed them,

(To try to rid them of soil bugs,) and in doing so dropped a couple!


I intended to return to get them for a re-wash, but they dissapeared?

"Louis the Labrador of Love", declined to comment on the total loss of

my disappearing carrots?!


I am worried about him, spending so much time around the girls?!

(I think he may be discovering his feminine side?.........................)




by The Squirrell 8. August 2010 09:52

James, Pat, and I went to the VSCC hillclimb meeting

at Prescott Hillclimb today.

(VSCC = Vintage Sports Car Club.)


As it was Vinatge (pre-1930) day, there was some amazing

leviathans there with aero engines (25litre, and no exhaust!)

All still being RACED by insane enthusiasts, whilst drive chains,

gears, drive parts all whizz by their legs, with no safety cages,

seat belts, roll bars etc! (MY kind of fun!)

The smell of Castrol-R race oil, and various home made petrol mixes

was intoxicating. What a wondeful day, and a reminder of just how

MAD we Brits still are!!




by The Squirrell 5. August 2010 09:18

Managed to get the pics from earlier to


(Images to large a file for my poor internet

to cope with?!)

Have a giggle now, at the pics below!!...


Thorpe Park 2!.....

by The Squirrell 5. August 2010 09:08

After we all reviewed (with laughter!) the "On ride"

pictures we found, Luke remarked....


"On every ride, and EVERY picture we looked at, you

just don't get scared do you?!...."


I guess once you face your mortality, G force and speed, don't

seem to matter?! But I had a GREAT day, and hope you have a giggle

at the size of Emilys SCREAM!!



Thorpe Park....

by The Squirrell 4. August 2010 06:50

Jane and I took the kids (& Janes "BIG kid" brother & Tom)

to Thorpe Park!

I had planned on just enjoying the rides vicariously, as

everyone else rode them, but in "Typical Matt" style threw

caution to the wind and just went for it, and had a go to!!


Thank you to QEH, and my expert surgeon, who it appears

CAN sew very well ! I was thrown about all day, and loved it!


(And not bits fell out, OR leaked!!)    


The walking was hard going as I am still a little unfit, and my

poor legs took some stick! However, I undertook a lovely day

trip that would have been IMPOSSIBLE in 2008/Pre-Transplant!


"Go Man Go.......! "






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My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

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