Williams F1....

by The Squirrell 28. October 2013 22:51

Just a HUGE thanks to my Cousin for

taking Dad and I to his "Work" for the day

so we could see what his company do...


As you know I am a mad car fiend, and today

was heaven for Dad and I.


Had a tour, a roam about the old cars, a nice

complimentary breakfast etc and settled in to

watch Williams F1 lose another Grand Prix ! 


(But at least we were at their home base to cheer them on!)


A great day, and heart didn't miss a beat !



by The Squirrell 17. October 2013 23:50

People who don't look where they are going, especially down

country lanes at night, get right on my...*CENSORED*!


Otters are rare enough in the UK, but this, BIG, healthy, prime

of life Boy, was minding his own business on a straight bit of road

when some one bumped him!


I have take to an online rant, to vent my upset and anger at

this. This serves as a reminder to us all that we are to complacent 

on the roads, and should pay more attension to whats going on than

the radio/phone/sidewindows etc!


DRIVE SAFE PLEASE FOLLOWERS, this could have been a person.... 



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