6 Years old again!....

by The Squirrell 28. January 2011 11:48

As a child I was fascinated with Diggers, etc  as many young

lad are.....    (LONG before Bob the builder!)



I sit here exhausted! I wondered if removal of a line of conifers in

the driveway (thier subsequent stump grinding yesterday) would make

the drive bigger, and give more room?



Trees now gone, the remaining task was to dig down the embankment,

to drive level! Was my glorious new heart up to this labouring?!!

IT WAS, for about an hour!!....


After a phone call, I had a 6 year olds DREAM came true!!

.............MY OWN LITTLE DIGGER!!

I had a healthy, happy, day in the mud with my renewed vigour,

and gained 3 feet of driveway!! (And only smashed 1 bit of fence!!)



But then the horrible man took the digger away!    









"Its alive I tell you........."

by The Squirrell 22. January 2011 13:04

After my year long build, I finished my Enduro machine!


BUT...It wouldn't run properly! After hours of diagnostic works, and numerous

(Yet undocumented!) swear words, today, it was ridden in anger!....


I threw on a helmet, boots, and gloves, (Didn't want to ruin all QEH's

wondeful work in one afternoon?!) and had a FANTASTIC time for a few



I had 3 things reinforced to me today:


1) (Whilst riding) How amazing my new ticker is!

2) (Whilst on my arse groaning) I am not as good, or

as skilled as I was 20 years ago!

3) These bikes are heavy to lift off of you!

(No harm done to my delicate constitution, but ruined my trousers!)


11 1 11 11 11.........

by The Squirrell 11. January 2011 02:11

Just realised....

It's 23.11pm, on the 11th of January 2011 !

That makes it:

11.11 1.11.11 !

(not a date I'd have seen with out my Transplant!!)



January Results are in!.....

by The Squirrell 7. January 2011 08:13

Sharon at QEH just called.....

"...No rejection, and your medications stays the same. We

will se you now in June..."

I was so happy, I had a little tear!

(Manly one obviously!!)




by The Squirrell 5. January 2011 07:44

Off for my first Biopsy, Xray, Echo, ECG, Blood tests etc

of 2011 at QEH tomorow!

REALLY nervous!!...

Wish me and the ticker luck!!



2 years!.....

by The Squirrell 2. January 2011 10:20

Celebrated my 2 year transplant anniversary today!

HUGE thanks to my donor, and to the team at QEH for making

this momentous celebration possible. Also the love and support

of loved ones and friends. (To you all, I send my love! X)

In "Typical Matt" style, I found a novel way to eat, and to

celebrate this occasion!


About Matt.

My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

Read on to see how my new life is taking shape, and my adventures to date!....



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