www.kartpartz.co.uk..... :-)

by The Squirrell 30. January 2010 07:13

Time for a new hobby, (to fund this blog/hosting etc!....)

For all you wannabe Lewis Hamiltons & Jenson Buttons,

you need to start in Karting!....(GREAT fun, in my opinion!)

Wish me luck!   www.kartpartz.co.uk



Just made me laugh out loud....

by The Squirrell 26. January 2010 08:03


This made me laugh out loud, so thought it only fair to share!



Payday loans!........

by The Squirrell 24. January 2010 16:00

Plesae Please Please....All you guys who log on to so say

read my posts from "pay day loan" firms, "teeth whiteneing"

companies, and "online meds" DON'T leave comments.....

I am aware it's just a rouse to get links/improve your "google"

status etc, so we delete them! Save your energy!.... and leave the

site for those who are genuinely interested in my progress and the

intricate life of a transplant recipient, as it's intended!

I don't make a penny from this site, so no point trying to piggy back

it for your OWN financial gain!

Thank you.


Autosport Show....

by The Squirrell 14. January 2010 11:27

Had a HUGE walk around the Autosport show at the NEC

today with Dad. (Pooped out now! But still amazed at how

far my new ticker will power me!)   ;-)



We had a good drive up in the snow and fog, met a couple of

old friends, and had a good mooch about! There was LOADS

of trade stands selling stuff, and not many cars to look at, so

was a bit dissapointing. BUT the cars that were there were very

interesting and some ultra RARE!....

Here are some of my favourites!....






Ninja Cat?.....

by The Squirrell 9. January 2010 07:19

I think he may be stalking me?!.....




by The Squirrell 8. January 2010 02:12

Isn't Mother nature amazing?....




No such thing....

by The Squirrell 7. January 2010 08:47

Billy Connolly once said......

"There's no such things as bad weather, Just inappropriate clothing!"

How true!

I have been in bed the last few days, with a temp, and awful Flu

like symptoms, and a blocked nose trying to break in?! So today

I threw off my duvet, and lethergy, and decided some "S**t or Bust"

action was required?

I decided that if warmth and rest wasn't making me better, then I would

try the COMPLETE opposite, so exercise in the cold was required?!....

I dug out my old Power Boat Race suit/overalls, that are insulated,

waterproof, hooded, and imperviuous to most waether, my best fur hat,

(I felt I owed it to the Chinchillas memories, who all gave up thier lives

for the hat?!) And my trusted (and hated by all !) shades, and set

off in the snow....

I am so pleased I did....I had forgotten the crisp majesty of it all. Also

I had forgotten how lucky I am to live in the wonder of natures back garden!

The virgin snow, animal tracks, bird foot prints allowed a rare glimps into

thier daily routes.... I LOVED IT !!  :-)



Happy New....Choooo!

by The Squirrell 2. January 2010 19:30

Happy New year?!

I feel crap!  (Got a cold/ "Man Flu" ?!)




Something in my eye!....

by The Squirrell 2. January 2010 12:10

As you may or may not know, my nickname is "Squirrell" !

For my 1st "Anniversary" of my new heart, Jane sent me this......

(I think I have something in my eye....excuse me!)  





by The Squirrell 2. January 2010 05:42

We celebrated my 1st Aniversary on 2.1.2010 with a meal.

Due to delay in table, the nice barman suggested we go outside,

so the kids could see the Horses in the adjoining field....

Conversationwent something like this:

("B"= Barman  "M"=Matt "K"= Kid/s!)

B. Why don't you go outside and see the Horses in the

field that backs onto the Garden?

K. Ok...Thank you.

B. If you look Kids, you'll see one of them got a lovely

young foal in tow!

K. Cool !

B. But BEWARE kids, the foal has been known to BITE people

so be VERY careful !

M. Thats ok, I have a way with Animals, we should be okay?

K. SO...."Horse whisperer!" How did it go?!!




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In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

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