"Bentley Boys".....

by The Squirrell 29. October 2009 15:02

TOP day out yestrday!

Dad and I were the guests of Bentley, and were SO lucky

to get a factory tour (And tasty lunch! - You know me and my stomach!)

HUGE thanks to Claire at Bentley Birmingham for organising it all and

for driving us up in such style! Thier factory is awsome and the work that goes into

hand stitching the leather, selecting the walnuts/woods, and the engines....Don't

get me started!! WOW!! (Twin turbo W12!)


Also BIG thanks to Simon Uglow at Bentley for sparing his time and giving us such

an informative, and interesting trip around thier state of the art facility!

Sadly, no pics were allowed, so you'll just have to imagine!   ;-)




Sunny Bath......

by The Squirrell 13. October 2009 18:06

Middle of October and HOT sunny day!

Siezed the opportunity to take Jane into

Bath for a nice walk around, and lunch!

I ate a little to much and had a "moment of relaxation"

when gravity won its battle with my eyelids! Sleeping in

a park?! (All I lacked was a dog and a bottle of cider?!)





by The Squirrell 8. October 2009 20:05

Even famous racing drivers need a nap

after lunch?!....



Time passes ssssoooooooooo fast?!.....

by The Squirrell 1. October 2009 00:26

Never thought I'd see this day!!........

(Another milestone for QEH!)       :-)

My (eldest) Godsons 18th Birthday!

(Seems like yesterday, changing his nappy!)






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