by The Squirrell 3. January 2015 21:59

Apologies all for the lack of updates!


I have been really poorly recently and frankly

just not up to "blogging".


Due to my lowered immune system the Flu big I got in

JULY is still raging and now some 6 months on I wish

it would sod off !!


QEH have been great and given me anti biotics for 

chest infections etc but sadly there's no cure for the flu !

(As the NHS flu jab only worked on 3% of the population

I guess I was not one of the lucky 3%?!)


Despite feeling lousy, life has been full of laughter fun, and



Sam has been "helping" to renovate one of our out buildings

into a more useable space, and we have also been watching the

puppy turn into a large, clumsy, not very bright, but loving dog !


I also celebrated 6 years post transplant. I was very happy,

but still my thoughtswere with the donor, and his family who

must also mark this day, but for much worse reasons...

You are all in my thoughts. x


About Matt.

My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

Read on to see how my new life is taking shape, and my adventures to date!....



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